Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The sea is running red,
My heart is pumping blood,
For the creatures left on the sandy shores,
Bodies split wider than garage doors,
What kind of people are we?.
Who think we own the sea,
attacking creatures from beneath the waves,
they can't hide,
we track them with our sonic rays,
they can not escape the exploding gun,
They can't hide, They can't run.
The sea is running red,
Blood is swirling in my head,
as I look upon the Scean,
Creatures bleeding on the beach,
What right have we to take them home for tea,
are we blind, Can't we see,
that they have rights,
to live in harmony,
left alone in peace,
in their sea.
You might disagree,
But the picture’s infront of me.
and the sea is running red,
with whales blood.
Soon they will be none,
All dead.

What right have we?
What right have we?
To take them home for tea,
invade their ocean world,
shoot them with our guns,
It isn’t really fun,
They can not hide and have nowhere to run.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

प hunters

Last night I spent the evening in a pub with a pirate Hunter. The beer fowed nd the stories were told a life on the wave lots of money to be made have a great sunday.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


The blogger asked me for my phone number? Said I could loose all my info if I did not give it a phone number? Hope it does not start to call me?
Back in the real world chaos acid rain falt on the bike wind in my face and all time I thought of you and you and you and it made me smile for a while the I stared to laugh because life is never bad we make it sad as we have been had over listening to jerks who want us simple and stupid doing what they whis us to.
Freedom is another word for chains ...
Think about it .......
get better
and better
and better
and better
so sing that song of freedom!
sing the song of love
look up and

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


World seems odd as the money runs dry? The MPs lie as others try to make ends meet. A war billiond spent on choppers that will not be ready till 2016? Big two bladed choppers that are very easy to shoot down...we know that as we shot one of own down in the Falklands! Riots and diets go as most the greggs bakers have been closed lost of fat lazy give me a hand out will be with out the staple diet of PIES!


In trees
Like its meant to be.

On the ground
fooling around
Fingering things.

Sweat runs down.
In the dark
Coming apart
Wet Wet
Sweaty moist holes.

Not your own
Golden ring
Hart stings

Foreboding thoughts
Not mine

Monday, 22 August 2011

अ लॉन्ग लॉन्ग टाइम ago


Are real at the time of the dream and broken dreams are like broken glass they can never be put back on track. You can control the dream go deeper and change it or step back and try to understand it ... I just enjoy mine in time.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


The day is coming to a close. I see the moon the stars and fools gold. I understand it is hard to change to jump from the loop that we have made ... war waht for ... drugs for cash ... the law ... the rules ... our thinking we have all been had.


I must admit I did intend to write on my blog everyday only I have so many projects I keep missing it.

Sunday Always a fun day no plans no people just us. I have just returned from the lakes where we had a grand week the sun kept dipping in and out and we had little rain. It is such a perfect place.

I am thinking about the past trouble on our street's! And the way that the MPs (fleas) of our time are using it ... 32000 met police I have seen no footage where the croweds were more then a 100 strong? So what went wrong or did they stand by and let it happen?